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I come from one of the most beautiful places in the world known as Gods own country, Kerala in India. Born in a small village called Chemmarathur in Vatakara of Calicut District, I was blessed that it is one of the most scenic places in Kerala. Whenever I needed to relax my mind one of my hobbies was to drive through and explore different locations of Kerala. Traveling has always been a passion of mine. After finishing my graduation in Computer Science from Bangalore, I planned to move out of the country for a good career opportunity.

I moved to Dubai in 2007 where I was able to get into a profession which I wished to be in. I got an opportunity to prove my skills in Web Development. Within one year I could get into the vast world of web development. In my career I became a Technical Developer where I handle website development, back-end development including CMS, server management, domain management, social media customization, SEO and so on…

One year into living in Dubai I got interested in Photography which gradually became another passion of mine along with Travel which in turn became an integral part of my life. I loved to capture the actions of birds and animals and hence I got deeply involved in Nature Photography. I regularly drive through different locations in UAE and try to capture moments hitherto uncaptured.

I made a rapid strides in photography after joining a group in Dubai called Shutter Bugs Creative Forum which is being administrated by Mr.Mohammad Arfan Asif who is a Dubai based Indian photographer and an encyclopedia in photography. Every Friday morning most of us associated with this group go out before sunrise to different locations in UAE. Mr.Arfan shares his knowledge with the group during these trips and thus our skills in photography get more polished.

I wish that one day I would be known to the world as a Natural History Photographer…
I know it is a long journey…
But I shall reach that point soon…

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